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At first make a contact with us to get detail information about our services. All necessary contact information You will find here


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If you need any practical information about settling down and doing business in the Baltic Sea Region we will get them for You. We will also provide You access to Computer Based Training (CBT) course where You will learn how to start transnational operations.


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We will help You to find suitable partners from the region as well as to create valuable relations for real cooperation.


Baltic Business Development Network -

Baltic Business Development Network (BBDN) project, which is partly financed by the European Union, is a network of 17 partners from 9 countries in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).

The main objective of this network is through close cooperation between Universities and Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) to support business development between SMEs in the region.

Infotool -

Info Tool is based on the transnational business guide for a specific country, covering topics like General background, Political and economic background, Legal environment, Economic Environment and Market environment.

The main objective for the tool is to provide the necessary information to entrepreneurs and investors contemplating transnational activities and / or international business operations. Furthermore the Info Tool is intended to be a tutor product for self-guided studies allowing especially employees to improve their skills and knowledge. The Info Tool has a FAQ section, where questions, remarks and proposals can be sent.


CBT is e-elarning platform containing wide information helpful in doing business in Baltic Sea Region Countries.

Access to CBT is for for everyone. In order to receive password and login please contact our office.

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