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At first make a contact with us to get detail information about our services. All necessary contact information You will find here


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If you need any practical information about settling down and doing business in the Baltic Sea Region we will get them for You. We will also provide You access to Computer Based Training (CBT) course where You will learn how to start transnational operations.


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We will help You to find suitable partners from the region as well as to create valuable relations for real cooperation.

About Baltic Business Service Centre

budynek WneizThe Baltic Business Service Centre network for SMEs aims to support business development in Baltic Sea Region (BSR). The partners participating in this project include Universities giving education in Business Administration, and Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Poland and Sweden.

The main objective of this international network of service centres is to support business development and internationalization of SMEs in the region through close cooperation between RDAs and Universities. With the help of service centres SMEs are able to find suitable partners from the region as well as to create valuable relations for real cooperation. SMEs can choose from variety of services from planning to implementation on their internationalization processes.

In practice, an entrepreneur contacts the local Baltic Business Service Centre in his/her country. The centre then operates as the linking point sending the service forward through the network into the target country or to the expert in question. In other words, with the help of this network, an entrepreneur will get the required information and service from one single office.

Our services

In order for you to develop your business and to promote your internationalization, we offer for example the following services:

  • Information about:
    • the political, economical, legislative and cultural environment in the Baltic Sea Region,
    • ways of doing business, market structure and practices,
    • product guidance and support regarding technical requirements as well as questions related to protection of products’ patterns and designs,
  • Advisory services such as:
    • market Analysis:
      • Market Research to help in your decision-making,
      • Competitor Analysis,
      • Demand Analysis,
    • search for a suitable commercial partner, subcontractor, or a supplier,
    • assistance in negotiations and other meeting arrangements,
    • translation and interpretation services,
  • Get hands-on knowledge about doing business on the international market - Computer Based Training (CBT-) course to the SMEs and their employees who are planning to start transnational operations.

Baltic Business Service Centres Location

Other Baltic Business Service Centres are located in countries listed below. By clicking on the map or link You will be redirected to BBDN page where you can find contact information for BBSC.


Contact information

Persons: Mr. Jacek Batóg,
Ms. Joanna Bajera

Adress: ul. Mickiewicza 64
71-101 Szczecin, Poland

Phone: +48 91 444 1973
Fax: +48 91 444 1925

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